Opening Remarks

In the midst of all your activities and involvement there are many other things you could be doing and you have decided to view my website, and I thank you for doing so. Let me mention to you that I have always kept my comments, discussions, lectures, and presentations easy to understand. I hope you will not find this fact offensive as you read and I am actively working with delicate and high level matters before us as people. I hope you will be inspired to think and do a quick Google search. Some of my work will show up and you will find out much more than I alone can tell you.

The first few years after I found out how the state is really using biochip technologies, there were some difficulties. I was released from my job in the government in very unceremonious ways and in no unmistakable terms. And yet, since then I have won a number of those same objectors to my work over, and they too are aware that the ideas and my proposals to the administration are completely accurate. Some of the same associates in the academic community have also seen the need to change their minds, wherever this has been possible. Many of them had made my efforts deliberately difficult at first. But I find my suggestions show up in some new textbooks. I can say the same thing about those in the RCMP and journalists who hounded me into every coffee shop and interaction I engaged in. There have been some uneasy times and threats.

I began with circulating letters and exchanging phone calls with people I knew. Several people offered to help by distributing pamphlets and “hand bills” at public events, and these were always rewarding experiences. Along with the local outreach, I did go into the internet sites that ‘already were existing’ and interacted on this topic in these blogs I found important to my efforts. Again, there have been satisfying results in many different ways and sometimes from people who surprised me with their willingness to work alongside me with the ideas I have put forward. Primary school teachers are among these. I have on many occasions replied to the sources like, CNN, The Winnipeg Free Press, and The Globe and Mail newspapers where the reports of using sub dermal microchips in people have showed up already - although in limited context. Remember that every invention has always been used to exploit the people. This is a fact of history. This, my website, is to serve as a source where people can get informed and to get involved in meaningful work that I have taken on by myself for several years.

I have faithfully and diligently persevered through all the opposition and support for my ideas and the presentations I’ve been making continue to come in. For these I am very grateful. From this point of view you shall view the rest of what I have quickly tried to put together and my hope again is that you share these feelings of all of us who are participants.

There is nothing greater than to serve others and no greater service than to serve with the purpose that saves lives. Everyone of you will agree far too much has been placed on profits. This is not only unfortunate, it is an error. They have a “idea” that is being pursued. The “plan” is why there is a gap, and is itself to continually profit; but only some. The G.S.T. is a clear example. We were ‘blinded’ into thinking that it was a 2-pronged approach. First part was to apply a tax across the board - whatever we buy, do, or consume. Second part was to eliminate all Companies’ expenses they had paid. Bewildering, and yet everybody in the establishment went along. So what do we do? I will explain a little later. But my research tells me that Canadians earning $118,000.00 or more, are at the “tax-free” level, and in 1988 it was at less than $65,000.00 level (someone told me it was only $58-thousand). Take a look at The Income Tax Act and compare it to “specific areas of tax-cuts” and “privatizing” the tax industry made so popular in any Annual Budget Implementation Act and you will notice how growth and economics are proposed. Think of this as a way to see the shrinking middle class. I know that many of those I worked with in the civil service understand this. I have not bad-mouthed government unless better, fairer, and more accurate solutions were offered. I ask you to conscientiously consider those who have been made poorer still than before this new Goods and Services Tax was brought in.

Judge the full impact what this tax has really done, and the harm that it can do to us. The businesses will get advantages at both ends of the transaction and the public pays for both. Beyond this, there is no limit on the increase that industries can impose, and we will pay both the cost increase and the escalating revenue of the duty on every financial dealing. Brilliant from the administration’s point of view. You only need a pocket calculator to figure this out. I hope you do understand exactly this is the “relationship” behind the idea that is at work.

You will know now why the ‘inequality created’ bothers me. Nobody is suppose to understand their working plan and attend to give better ideas. When King Solomon was crowned he publicly forgave his half-brother. Adonijah had on more than one occasion looked for ways to wrestle the throne from the heir-apparent using the military. Bathsheba was at the inauguration, Nathan the prophet was also there. Solomon displayed wisdom and tolerance to the nation and the remedy well before he wore a crown. When Queen Cleopatra was subject to Roman rivalries of Antony and Caesar, she declared her people apparently more esteemed than the Ptolemies. Her father, Ptolemy XII (Auletes) had gone to Rome but had failed in his attempts, yet Cleopatra had saved the Egyptians alive.

There are a number of similarities being played out before us even now. I heard a speech by Prince Charles where he was reading the text about how the ‘quantum model of the atom is the final end of the physical explanation of matter’. And then the context of the speech came out that this was being presented as a solution for the epidemics going through Africa with the answer offered by pharmaceuticals. Yes, I was shocked, but not surprised. I was shocked that such a figure would not be more discerning. I was not surprised that international companies relish catastrophes to make a lot of money. For similar reasons I feel offended at the fact that we are still forced to believe Einstein’s explanations. There is so much more. I guess it is easier for the ruling classes to rehash the same half-truths instead of offering the substance of life to all. And I suppose it may even be profitable to keep the people 100 years behind the facts what is really going on. Einstein himself apologized to Newton saying that “Newton, you had found the path barely open to you the most excellent man of ‘order and reasoning’ but they need to be replaced if we are to understand a deeper meaning of relationships.” I once asked a lab instructor as we were given the Einstein model of time-space connection whether that was the only explanation. He asked me how many I wanted, and the class got a bit of a chuckle. How long should we have to wait for a leader to lift us out of terrible cruelties against the people? It has been painful as I had to learn how people (of all ages) really accept their misfortunes. Such is the power of coercion. Its powers influence all areas of our lives because nobody in positions of authority defends us and then a sense of helplessness overcomes people to the point of despair.

But the opportunities in the midst of terrible misrepresentation are great. Whatever the Executive (the word in political science and constitutional law of running the day-to-day affairs of state) dreams up to collaborate with those entities that control our lives can easily be overturned. (Social control is somewhat like teaching children through formative years and social engineering what happens at institutional settings). This also without jeopardizing or exploiting the weaknesses in the regime. I always got my requests, when it was asked for others, and especially from politicians. There is no doubt about the seriousness of the issues. I have approached the most ardent opponent on mutual, and respectful grounds in the hope of winning them over. I found it interesting the kinds of reception I got when entering into a law office. The attention focuses on a person who actually dares to take a legal and moral stance against powers. I guess they are used to seeing things the way of mainstream where everyone looks only at their own self-satisfaction. I can see why people might do that.

Strategy works very well if a well-known personality appears along with the idea and products that seem to be right. It does not need to be a public figure - although it serves the purpose well. If they are a spokesperson for some cause and have recognized status, they will be acclaimed as an expert in the field. There is strategy in that. Governments have allowed themselves to be fooled into thinking that tax cuts, privatizing, and entrepreneurialism is better for all. The “script” gets repeated in all nations; first create what people want, then get them dependent, but then something happens that results in money shifting away from the population.

Even Hitler saw this phenomenon. He pounced on the chance and the “German doctors knew exactly what they were doing.” The experiments were always meant to continue. The medical results of the concentration camps were carried back by the victors and tested on the frail, handicapped, prisoners, homosexual men, immigrants, and others, not dissimilar to what the Nazi command were doing. This really happened. Why do our universities not teach the real history? It may be unprofitable and certainly unpopular. Many times, the professor is more concerned with keeping their own self-serving gains than the interests of the students. Seldom ever does any member of the leading classes lift up the need for social progress only the interests of the few. I am convinced that Albert Einstein saw clearly the threat of the Nazi regime on the populace where others in his class embraced Hitler. So maybe we should leave Einstein’s Physics and concentrate on what he will teach about social reform.

I do know that we have proceeded well past a mathematics explanation to the mysteries of the universe. Life is much more precious than what any patent office can claim. The social experiment that is being carried forward without any consent is immoral and unjust. They damage the personality and reduce the conscience. How is it being accomplished? The same methods that were used in the concentration camps with the progress of the past 60 years in neuroscience. The trace elements of lithium in every medication in the 1960s gave way to ‘control’ people. These controlling and tracking RFID are not new. Any person from a third world country will have the device activated. It is biological, permanent, and intrusive. Movements and neuron activity can be measured. This was exactly the things that was plotted by a single, superior race/culture in Nazi oppression. You will understand CIA intelligence gathering differently. We must advance past this kind of logic too. Think of it this way, briefly; silicon and oxygen are the two most common elements in the earth crust. Oxygen is life-giving and silicon is used in all artificial technologies.

Never be afraid of the ruling classes. They have responsibilities. There have been some instances where it has been hard, but a lot of people are telling me similar hurts they experienced and they all say to go forward, don’t give up. There is a member in our legislature (actually just been re-elected recently) whose story I had read in a Alternative Policy publication at the height of unwanted activity against me. When I met with him (this is a man) he did not want to discuss his tragedies. I do know if a national magazine prints about harassment against a person who is taking political causes seriously, then they have only scraped the surface what was done to him. I have met others (men and women) who are involved in the wrong “colour” of any new political party and they are receiving threats and harassment. This is really the way our “opinionated” arena is.

Let me ask if you have figured out how many innocent people were executed in Texas under Governor George W. Bush? You have to round the number up; you absolutely have to. Even one person is too many (and if in Canada or the U.S., anywhere, should never be tolerated). This is mathematical and not probability and averages. You can use the same formula to find out how much was made in income (whether in millions, and how many more) and where that money was used. This is not a political sentence, it is a “mathematical” calculation. It is possible for us to know. There is nothing against George W. Bush either. The system really operates that way so that the corruption at the corporate and all higher level can continue. That is why I have taken several cases before judicial hearings and acted as intervener in others where individuals suffer wrongfully. These same findings I have discussed with foreign dignitaries in Canada. There has always been polite understanding in (phone) conversations with the U.S. Ambassador’s office and the U.S. Consul in Winnipeg. By itself, they do not describe the real workings of the governing machinery. I find it hard to accept - and I won’t. I know better. Better and more representative ways are available and have been proposed. Big Companies do not like me very much, I expect for the same reasons that they want kept secret how they can “make record profits” without any accountabilities. There have been a few exceptions, and I have made a sincere effort to include them in my work without giving them too much.

Why does the media falsify the truth? Why does another lawyer not take up the case? That is exactly the answer. Every TV station in every city has a ‘investigative journalist’ who looks for something and attach to someone. The police act on this information and every story grows as profits increase. The newspapers keep ‘file photos’ they will use in the future (no indication of cars in the street, or time of the year evident) that will be inserted into a front-page story to exaggerate the article. This increases the heightened interest in a false story that are almost always used by the respective industries who can gain profits; governments can increase legal measures to endorse these plans; institutions and agencies gain expanding promotions. You can be sure that the wrong person or people are seldom heard about.

Courts in the U.S. and Canada all do the same thing. I have met and spoken with at least two people in my own Church who have been in prison for crimes they did not do. The legal system is completely unbalanced, and corporate law is the most profitable of all specialized fields of law. Keep in mind that even the Judges are only Lawyers appointed through an a-political protocol. They are dangerous and we should obey judges. This is the point of the Executive earlier, but now the question of political and permanent Executive becomes distinguishable. In Canada, an example might be The Lobby Registration Act or Bill C-68, The Drug Patent Act both of 1988, and nothing was discussed publicly - but these are enforced Statutes in the Canadian government. An American example is an Executive Order, where the public has never been notified, and the enforcing is up to the agencies and their administrators. If these go before the Courts, the hearing is very often held in-camera, meaning that it is a secret trial. They do this everywhere every day. This is how investigations drag on. In other cases, people mysteriously disappear. This is the kind of thing Homeland Security legislation gives credibility. The FBI and the CIA, again, have complete powers. In Canada, former-RCMP want to join the CSIS for similar discretionary powers over their own citizens.

The emperor Trajan would hold treason trials (in secret) to fund his empire expansion excursions, and the column in Rome is testament of the sufferings of provincials. They would get the best of nationalist factions in the region they planned to occupy, always imposed high taxes, using those who had been loyal to their army. Manipulation and coersion are two sides of the coin. The Roman governor was given exclusive powers to collect the imposed taxes, and they were brutal. Spain and Judaea are examples of particular harshness.

I know there are those discretions of the sources from long ago where the “dialectic” differences, meaning that the words they chose (careful not to upset the emperor) and the remains of history. We who read these accounts “triangulate” or juggle between the things we know (from what is here today) and what is hard to understand from history and interpreting the events in the past. But you do understand Shakespeare spoke words that were representing the social conditions of that period. Leonardo de Vinci (actually, his adopted name) was subject to the rules that governed Florence in the Medieval Church era. Everything was run by guilds. Today we have agencies and institutions who become associations. Isn’t this very similar to the difficulties of a Martin Luther? Everyone after these kinds of individuals has reaped the benefits of that kind of labour, and ours reflects the trend. We have to break the hold the professions have over our very existence. Their powers will all want to “swell” in the marketplace and act the role of ‘gate-keepers’ which is oppression inherent in all structures.

I admit being fond of literature, history, and philosophy as much as you might be. Plato would be well served if our ivy leagues would teach us about his math - it is inarguable. He was a meticulous mathematician. Perhaps someone will also one day find some of the History Aristotle wrote (actually, he sent his underlings to collect data). This was where the Greek dominance in the Aegean/Mediterranean ended. . What would happen if Socrates appeared in our society? Would Einstein be accepted among the Wall Street crowd? How about Jesus? The point of the ruling class is that of subjecting others to rigorous life and make it legal. Financial growth is on the backs of the innocent. The GDP and inflation rate are a by-product and a by-word. It gives a false sense of security for the public - really.

While the wheels of commerce are grinding I found out these are the same data they use in Sociology, Humanities, and Statistics courses the country-wide. The word ‘convergent’ is sociological and used in Physics, as ‘instrumental’ is a philosophic term applied in Chemistry. This “cross-border” borrowing is good for the establishment, but disorients truth in the receivers. Teachers do that to students; disorient the facts and use this for self-gratifying in careers. I tried to reach a professor for comment on this same error I found in a Canadian Legal System textbook. Try to think of it in the way that they do. Whatever is in the front page of the newspaper is official; no matter how wrong it is. This becomes history. Even a University professor only goes by what other professional have outlined. You recognize that is what will be in the next edition of the text without the correction, rather a worsening of facts. This is the reason we have to get past all leading class members. They are not leading us to higher ground, they are only tantalizing us with obsolete and antiquated methods and models. This is their success.

The ins-and-outs of their accomplishments are always consistent with the social explanations popularized. The generation-X was suppose to be the 30-year old, and in that area. What the popularizing does is open the window for exploitation of all at once; more-or-less. Notice what happens when you ask a doctor to do something for you. You see, they tell us. What gives an “expert” the right to tell another person what, how, and why? Social control. People believe what a professional tells them, even if it is on TV. I saw a professor interviewed about climate change and the effects of global warming in our locality. They made him look as though he was divided on the issue of the effects. This really astonished me. I had met him and I wondered how he could do that to his own city’s residents. Many of the hardest hit from extreme weather are the aboriginal communities nearby. They have continually told me somebody needs to guard them and their livelihood. It is exactly what I have done by making the way possible. We need laws, then we can work to clean up the mess, then nature will restore in a few short years.

Someone should be reminded that the reducing of waste can be done without negative impact. We can cut greenhouse gas emissions in half without ‘economic’ impact. Consumer and corporate finances are not in jeopardy. I have stood face-to-face and will continue to argue “against” winners-and-losers concepts. There is a much better way. This has long been possible. When I made these presentations - to business and officials - I had the feeling we are in the middle ages - somewhere. Some did slam the door on me and others hung up the phone. Something must be done and even the scientists don’t go far enough. Science is ‘under control’ that it has to profit. As a kid I found a mistake in one Apollo missions book, and I showed my teacher in the hopes he would be pleased with my curiosity and interests but that did not happen. It has always been clear to me that neuron firing is an electrical and chemical action that can be measured. Read a lot. Read more than your professors tell you. What I am telling you is what they are really doing. Every invention has always been made to enslave the population and exploit resources.

In economics, they still use Calculus to show financial interactions. This is really out-of-date. It is really little else than a social construct that details behaviour. One professor told me that at the University of Minnesota a person needed to have a Ph.D. to understand their economics research. I did not offer any immediate response. Some time later I checked on the internet and then replied in an e-mail why I thought those comments might seem valid. I have the satisfaction that the next textbook included questions I raised. Research is huge profits. We have the NRC of Canada. A company did several billion dollars worth of business in Canada, got grants and research funds, went to Africa to invest, and offered 2.5 million dollars to a Canadian university nuclear-MRI research. Ask a physics professor why that is, won’t you?

To unify science(s) is easy. When we grasp that we were always told about theory and we harmonize the economic model (almost always used) social and religious explanations correspond, then there is reason for optimism. It is natural. Be cautious, but not fearful. Einstein would probably have admitted that it was grand gesture that fusing applied sciences would not be endeavoured by Physics. He corrected Newton. Isaac Newton himself found out and disproved Galileo in The Principia Proposition IX Theorem VII (less than 4 pages if you want to look at it some time). NASA is using very old methods to keep monopoly. The Corporations are spending countless on space research, but they are “hitchhiking” the U.S. government. All governing powers are looking for more money - and influence over us. Look at Einstein’s own work. There are different ways to come up with the same numbers (using Quatrain), but it is an enormous number - but it is more accurate. We will save the people alive. That is all that matters. We don’t have any leader who defends us. Chemistry is not necessary. Medicine is just another business. We need so desperately to have laws that will govern responsibly and participatory processes. There are no missing persons and the suffering of the poor can be alleviated. This can be achieved. There is environmental solutions and even options. There is a better way of business that does not supply and demand and wait for another storm.

The time is now, and it will be done. If the authorities disregard these warnings, there will be blood shed. It will be the blood of their own. This too comes in warning. The U.S. has military might but no mind. No government secrets ever exist, only what they want to keep secret. The Harvard lawyers can not give any advice - it’s out of their league. What the Administration has talked about terror, they know nothing. They have done absolutely nothing in their combat to win. This is the history.

You have shown the best by going through my website. You also may have already seen similar work elsewhere. I can speak from experience the false imprisonment, assaults, ( minor, that a few stitches and a few days of rest require) and all other forms of intimidation and the torture were all worth it. On 2 consecutive Friday afternoons the same 4-wheel truck sped up in the curb lane at a pedestrian crossing. I do not report these incidents to the local police - knowing that I need to be safe. Calls to the police do not usually matter. Even the 911 calls I had made, but for one. That was only on account a Free Press reporter knew about the incident and that I had been cut. It would be foolish to say I am not concerned that one day they may make good their threats. There are extremely violent right-wing groups operating here in Canada as well. I have found 2 others independently working supportively to make it public knowledge of using biochip implants and artificial intelligence to dominate the global population. One is a Minister in Texas and the other, a motivational speaker, also from Texas. They have exclaimed very identical experiences. This is the real ‘globalization’ and the ‘global’ economy. I know we need laws to protect the people. The government that passes laws has done this to the people. The torture and the false trials are “ridiculous” in this light. Imprisonment is not the only problem; it is a biological agent that leaves no forensic evidence. This is the field of medicine in our heritage. Genetic research is completely obsolete, except for the purposes of making money.

If we do not continue to work, there is disaster just ahead. China is just a small example. Environmental disaster would still be only a single area of concern, add the biggest energy crisis and you notice the dynamics of destructive force. The means are available to solve those problems and do so by focusing on the available solutions. Troubles can be very interesting because there options to explore in the solutions and that too is very satisfying. I always offer hope. There is no greater chance to do so much at once - in all of human endeavour that I find. My work will never cost you anything. Anyone who has even taken a single college course has a clear understanding when I say to look up some of the words in a Search or Subject Search with Google. Look into a University text book on any specific area of personal interest to you, and you’ll see it right away. It is so easy to realize how simple all the seemingly complicated matters actually are and every person in leadership (their job, office, or their career) is suppose to serve the people. In fact, now we can provide a better way. A way that really amplifies what all the people and thinkers have always been saying. The opportunity is here to make all the promises in the Canadian Charter and the U.S. Constitution have meaning the way it was designed when they were put together.

I had a chance to speak to a Ph. D. in History about the treacheries conducted by government against the people. It nearly baffled my comprehension that someone who has read enough of books has missed the brutalizing effects when regimes suppress public participation. Has that fact been overlooked by books or was it not important enough in the Curriculum? I left and happened to meet a janitor in the hallway and he had overheard our conversation and wanted to know what I was going to do. I took a few minutes to explain my work and asked if there was time to do a search on the internet. Every person with a background in any field in science can benefit from the information. Any person who has studied whatever level(s) of the humanities knows these things absolutely true. Social science students know first-hand their books are a construction and are designed to dull the senses. Government and Law has to reflect the advice I have given. Justice is not optional - it is demanded.

Every international law that protects the Corporations and their outside entities (governments, agencies, industry) doing business in North America can be challenged on Constitutional grounds. The reason is as I stated earlier where they seek to reduce the personality and even damage human character. True and just laws protect these qualities. Religion and education don’t do it alone. Lawyers do not challenge the laws because they are dependent on the laws as they are. We have to do this ourselves too. Even though I do not oppose governments, I did challenge these laws. And take notice of the difference how they present these in mainstream media - all of them. They attach strong labels in language; ‘berserk’ and ‘madman’ as opposed to using “pseudo-scientific” terms like Physiology and Anatomy or ‘critical mass’ to describe accounts of Enron’s and WorldCom’s accounts - these are only obvious examples.

A couple of years ago, I took a foreign business operating in every Canadian city to Court in Winnipeg. A Canadian Department was co-accused and a local University named for participating in obstructing existing Labour Code of Manitoba and I succeeded a unanimous decision in the appeal with qualified recommendations verbally at the hearing and in the written ‘decision’ of the panel. Shortly after, I was called into RCMP headquarters (on 2 occasions) and told that they had received complaints from MI-6 about me (MI-5 being the domestic spy network in England) and they too were unhappy. This had happened before with the German Consulate also.

It is rather funny that ideas for our world and our civilization have to come through these kind of ways. I received a phone call from one elected official who told me we should be going forward and not backward. Sometimes the misunderstanding can be more painful than obvious rejection. I have contributed to the caucus (the political party’s elected representatives) the very things that will benefit their own supporting and social standing. Not only does it restore harmony but these projections for our future before our members and other community leaders are what will save people alive. In no way am I advocating that people use immoral actions. I have been so pleased to see many groups gathering peacefully but in complete defiance of the policies that crate destruction. Yes, through these individuals and groups do to present the gross mal-practice of democracy. They are the ones who are making all the difference.

You have been so patient. Some reactions have ranged from outrage to disgust that classified material like this is made known. Their response does not altogether alarm me. It seems that the gradual acceptance of every form in practice is allowed through the mechanism to dull the senses. People have to be free. People can only come to recognize this for themselves when they come to know that freedom has to be purchased for them.